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For the Environment, Community & Economy.

We aim at reducing any negative impact of development on the environment while ensuring an improved quality of life.

Our Strategic Priorities


People and Well-being

We as manufacturers owe to our workforce, professional occupational healthservices, including counselling, health screening and mental-health first aiders. Considering our work environment, It’s important for us to not just understandthe early signs of distress, but also support our employees in managing thesymptoms if it happens at work.

Sustainable Operations

The scale of the environmental/social challenge is enormous. UTP recognizes the growing relevance of increasing general awareness of climate change and reducing carbon footprint.
We aspire to establish energy efficiency and continue to adhere to thephilosophy of sustainable development . 


Technology to Thrive

A visualization of future challenges helped UTP realize the importance ofhaving a resilient infrastructure. 2021 saw a drastic transformation in advancement of its infrastructure with respect to both technology and industry innovation.

Where We Are

3,455 KW Solar

The PV plant saves average of 3,905 T of CO2 a year
This is equal to the energy used by 5,500 houses/ year.

EPD Registered

UTP is registered and verified with EnvironmentalProduct Declaration (EPD) that is in compliance with environmental principles under UN Norms - developed using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology - of high frequency welded Steel Pipes and Tubes, inaccordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804.

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Eco-Conscious Suppliers

Understanding our sustainability targets, we've chosen our suppliers by evaluating their sustainability goals. Evidence is collected in terms of the certifications and global standards they follow.


100% RECYCLABLE - Our journey doesn't end with sales, but we also ensure that our customers are supplied with best possible reclaimable materials.

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