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Hollow Sections

Our brand exclusively for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

Qua™ comes as an exclusive brand for structural steel tubes, ERW (electric resistance welding) square tubes, rectangular tubes and circluar pipes of any size and shape. Manufactured with a technology that eliminates the need for secondary welding.

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QUA (SHSRHS) -Brand Guidelines KSA (3).png

THL Tube and Pipe has been supplying its certified and quality products to the market and sees an opportunity in investing in the Kingdom to facilitate seamless distribution of its products.


  • DFT, which stands for Direct Forming Technology, is a cutting-edge method used to create tubes. By incorporating it into the mill range without altering the roll, this technology opens up the possibility of producing customized hollow sections.

  • A fully automatic and computerized process, speeds up setup time and allows easy operation with an intuitive user interface.

Square Hollow Section (SHS)
Product Range: 80mm x 80mm to 200mm x 200mm
Thickness: 3mm to 12.5mm

Rectangular Hollow Section (SHS)

Product Range: 90mm x 80mm to 250mm to 150mm
Thickness: 3mm to 12.5mm


Reasons to Choose

Qua™ pipes are produced by UTP Group. UTP has full CE/PED certification and a track record of engineering excellence, ensuring that all Qua™ products will be manufactured to a superior standard.

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