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UTP Group CEO, Mr. Sumit Ghoshal makes it to the Top 10 CEOs in the UAE for 2022, by CEO Insights India

24 سبتمبر 2022

A Visionary Leader Leveraging on Innovation and Brand Building to Transform Business

CEO Insights India has recognized Mr. Sumit Ghoshal as the Top 10 CEOs in the UAE, for the year 2022. In the interview Mr. Ghoshal provides an insight of the industry and an in-depth perspective about his professional journey. He quotes, "Irrespective of the sector you are in, always look after the four core aspects of business, which are innovation, customer relationships, cost, and economic value addition. Strive to create a business that creates value for stakeholders, and leaves a legacy of giving back to the environment, community, and the next generation."

Mr. Ghoshal has been actively involved in aligning the business activities with the vision of achieving Quality, Sustainability and Customer Centricity and his can-do attitude has made a positive difference within the company. His achievement is indeed inspiring and is the fuel to the ongoing commitment to excellence.

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