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EN 10217-2 P195T/GH Pipes

With quality being the key to its success, the Nexum range is built on reliability, consistency and performance. The ability to bend and connect one length of tube to the next with accuracy and without loss of integrity is what sets it apart fom the rest.

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Manufactured using advanced technology for the ultimate solution in gas, water tube and pressure equipment. Highly engineered welded pipe for the end user.

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Faster, more accurate fit for quicker installation.

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Elevated temperature properties with

improved or added corrosion resistance,
toughness and endurance . Suitable for temperature ranges -10°C to +100/200°C.

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Precision wall thickness for consistent end matching. Size range from ½ inch to
6 in (15mm – 150mm NB).

Total Wall.png
Loop 360.png
Nexum Feature Logos_Loop360 - White  Red - RGB.png

Ultimate roundness for accurate
alignment and durability when bending.
Outside diameter tolerance: ±1%.

Nexum™ pipes are produced by UTP Group. UTP has full CE/PED certification and a track record of engineering excellence, ensuring that all Nexum™ products will be manufactured to a superior standard.

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